Petition for Chavez-Vera Scores, Lets Hold The Judges Accountable

October 2, 2013



This past weekend Brian Vera was cheated out of a decision against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. It was bad enough that Chavez couldn’t make the originally contracted weight and had Vera agree to a weight of 173lbs but Vera wasn’t just fighting Chavez, he was fighting the judges as well. First let me say that none of my team picked Vera to win, we all expected Chavez to knock him out, especially with the weight being at 173lbs but Vera fought his heart out.

I haven’t heard one reputable person say that Chavez won that fight. Vera pressed the action all fight, he bullied Chavez around the ring and he out landed him by 51 punches. The crowd who cheered “Chavez, Chavez!” during the fight booed him in his post fight interview. Horrible judging has happened for so long in the sport of boxing that we have grown use to it but no more! It’s time to demand that judges like Gwen Adair be helped responsible for their scoring. Adair had the fight 98-92 in favor of Chavez which is way off base. Judge Marty Denkin has it 97-93 for Chavez and that’s still laughable. Don’t get me wrong it was a close fight, if you had Chavez up by a round then I can’t be mad but 98-92 is ridiculous. Lets hold these judges that are ruining our beloved sport responsible. I will be sending this to the California State Athletic Commission urging them to investigate these judges for their scores. If you want to help out please leave your first and last name in the comment section below.

Thank you for your support and for helping the sport!

The Heavy Bag founder
Lucas Biggers




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I am a fan turned writer, who wants to help bring the sport of boxing back to its golden age.

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10 Comments on “Petition for Chavez-Vera Scores, Lets Hold The Judges Accountable”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    disgraceful i had it 8-2 vera @boxingrob1990


  2. James McKnight Says:

    Vera took the fight to Chavez Jr, outworking and outlanding him. Chavez Jr threw too many single shots and basically ran from Vera.


  3. Tony Bongiovanni Says:

    Please get to the bottom of this ! I have seen this becoming more and more of an issue of late and think something needs to be done . How could anyone watching Brian fight Chavez that night see something so disproportionate? Brian had to chase him all night just to get him to fight!

    Tony Bongiovanni


  4. Donald Says:

    Disgrace to the sport…. Vera should be declared the winner..


  5. Inez Molina Says:



  6. JB beeson Says:

    The judges try to control the outcome of the fights to set up more popular future fights. In doing so they have ruined the integrity of the sport and lost tons of fans to MMA. Vera is a very exciting fighter to watch and you know you will get your moneys worth when he steps into the ring. It is plain and simple why the judges scored the fight the way they did. If Chavez lost then who is left in boxing that has a name popular enough to sell tickets from their name alone. From what i hear Chaves cant fill the seats anymore anyway. I cant wait to see the rematch in austin tx. If Chavez doesnt get to fat in the mean time. Good fight Brian- JB


  7. melinda Esquibel Says:

    Vera def had this win..lots of my friends who watched boxing just for this fight said that these kind of decisions are the reason they no longer care to watch boxing..they felt Vera was def cheated..


  8. Anonymous Says:

    I am still in shock, hope the judges do get punished for this. Hopefully we will get the rematch soon.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Lucas Biggers


  10. Rudy "Ruthless" Gutierrez Says:

    Chavez jr has done nothing, but give boxing a bad name! But in all honesty, I think the bigger threats to our sport are the men and women “behind the curtains” who we don’t see!


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