The Rise of an Old Star?

October 4, 2013



Putting aside the whole Mexico vs Puerto Rico boxing rivalry, Miguel Cotto is without a doubt one of my favorite boxers. He may not be the hardest puncher in the game, but the man is a walking boxing textbook. If any young kid wants to learn all of boxing fundamentals, those skills can easily be displayed when ever he fights. From the discipline he has on preparation to a fight, to the composure and proper way to throw a punch without compromising your defense, Miguel Cotto does all of that to the rule. It is because of this, that Cotto has lasted this long in the sport of boxing and has won multiple world titles in different weight division.

On the other side of the coin, we have Delvin Rodriguez who has stumbled at every opportunity he has has to shine. Your conventional boxing fan may probably remember Rodriguez when losing to Austin Trout, and even then that might be a close to impossible trivia question to many. However to the hardcore boxing heads out there, Rodriguez is known to be a decent “road warrior” in the boxing game. With most of his latest appearances on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, with one of his most significant wins against a game Freddy Hernandez.

Comparing each respected resume, Cotto is 8 to 10 levels ahead of Delvin. In all honesty, Rodriguez comes to this fight as the “underdog of an underdog,” if that makes any sense. In other words, based on resume, Delvin does not deserve to be in the same ring with Cotto, unless as a sparring partner. Experience and skilled wise, Delvin has never been at this bright spotlight and has nothing on Cotto but his height advantage, which could be an important factor for either side.

The only way that Rodriguez can beat Cotto is if he uses his only advantage and fights tall. We all know how Cotto fights, and if Delvin can pump his jab 2, 3, or 4 times with authority and move around after landing a big shot and prevent Cotto from getting on the inside, he can tire and frustrate the war torn warrior and eek out a victory. Even though this is a possibility, I can’t see that happening. See boxing isn’t just about strength and speed, sometimes wisdom and ring experience can take “an old dog” far. I see Cotto pressuring Rodriguez to the point where Delvin is going to be clueless on how to neutralize Cotto’s pressure. I expect to see a rejuvenated Cotto come Saturday night, simply outworking and out pacing the “inexperience” Rodriguez and taking home a unanimous decision.

Cotto can’t lose. Cotto has to go out with a bang and give the fans another boxing classic against Canelo. If the boxing gods agree with me, Cotto wins, and a battle between Canelo and Cotto can cook slowly.

Till Next Time,
Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez

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Born and raised in the mean streets of South Central L.A. Been a boxing fan all of my life. My childhood boxing memories are going with my dad to friends houses to watch Julio Cesar Chavez fight. My boxing knowledge comes from training in several gyms here in LA. I have several sparring round as ring experience. I never competed in the sport of boxing, but I love the sport and respect anyone who has the guts to lace up a pair of gloves. I love it so much that I am looking to one day be a boxing trainer and open my very own gym. Aside from reading, watching, and studying boxing, I love watching soccer matches, listening to all genre of music, playing guitar, teaching young children academics, and what I know of the “sweet science.”

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