Kitchsko Cruises to his 61st Victory

October 7, 2013



Vladimir Klitschko 61(51)-3(3) had an easier time beating Alexander Povetkin 26 (18)-1 than I did typing their respective names! The Champion of the Heavyweight division knocked Povetkin down 4 times, although 2 could have been ruled pushes, in route to a lopsided 119-104 win on all 3 judges scorecards.

The Ukrainian champ who fought for the first time in his career in Russia, stood behind his long jab and bruising right hand for much of the fight, which Povetkin had no answer for. The much undersized Russian Olympian could not find a key to Wladimirs defense, and when he did get past the jab, Klitschko effectively pushed his head down and held him down. At times holding the Russian and leaning on him so much that the capacity crowd booed loudly to show their displeasure with the tactics of the Champion. Wladimir did show a short left hook that stunned Povetkin and knocked him down in the 2nd once, and one time in the 7th in route to a 3 knockdown round. The most drama of the night took place in the 11th when Wladimir was FINALLY docked a point for holding, which was long overdue, and caused for a little concern that he would be disqualified if he held again. However he effectively jabbed his way to the finish line and won a very easy title defense.

At times, Wladimir looked winded during this fight. However, that being said, there isn’t anyone in the heavyweight division that challenges him at the time being. I think we are hard on the Klitschko brothers because they don’t have the wild swing for the fences style that we enjoyed through the 90’s with American heavyweights! What we are witnessing, though, is one of the longest reigning dominant heavyweights of our time! In the short term there are very few fighters for Wladimir, however, in the long term there should be plenty of young and able fighters! The Americans Bryant Jennings, as well as, Deontay Wilder could prove to be tough tests for the Ukranian, with both being larger heavyweights and possessing good power!

Wladimir will likely wont fight again until the middle of next year, but hopefully one of the younger big heavyweights will have distanced himself by then so that we can have a clear cut challenger for the Champion! I would like to see him fight in New York City his next fight, just to generate a heavyweight buzz in the US again, but that is highly unlikely as his past 11 fights have been in Europe or Asia and the last time he was in the US was 5 years ago! Regardless, I hope that we see someone actually challenge the big heavyweight before he cruises into the sunset with all of his belts in one of the lowest era’s of heavyweight boxing!

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