Rosado and Quillin both confident going into Oct 26th

October 8, 2013



WBO middle weight champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin will defend his belt on October 26th against the tough Gabriel Rosado. Quillin spoke out and seems to be in a good place in and outside of the ring. “I’m in the best shape of my life and preparing to elevate myself to another level for this fight,” Quillin said. “Since my last fight I’ve set myself up in a lot of good ways, financially-speaking, so I’ll be able to pay bills for years. I have a family now with a wife who is my inspiration. My wife has a good career. She’s the producer of NBC’s Today Show. She supports me 100-percent and has helped me a lot with some creative ideas.” Quillin continued “I learn more about myself every fight. I know what my purpose in life is and who I really am. I’ve got past any insecurities I may have had – not insecure feelings about fighting my opponent – about letting people down. I’ve learned in life that you can’t make everybody happy. I’ve elevated myself as a fighter and person.” Gabriel Rosado’s record doesn’t do him justice. He has been in with some tough opposition Jesus Soto Karass, Alfredo Angulo and Gennady Golovkin just to name a few. In no way is Quillin looking past Rosado and he is well aware he is in for a fight. “We’re both looking for definitive performances,” Quillin stated. “I’m putting in the work at training camp to continue improving, physically and mentally. Rosado is coming ready to fight. He may have six losses, including one to a guy I bet (Guerrero), but I’m expecting to fight the best Gabriel Rosado.”

We were blessed with Rosado’s presence on our radio show Tough Talk Tuesday. He seemed confident that he could take Quillin’s belt and explained why he held out for more money. “I punch hard enough where I could knock anybody out. Kid has power as well. I mean look at what happened to Abner, I mean no one expected that right? Anything could happen. Like Pacquiao against Marquez, no one saw that coming. If the knockout doesn’t happen, it goes to the scorecards, and a lot of times the Champion is favored. Especially a Champion managed by Al Haymon. You know what I mean? So whose really gonna get the leverage there. It’s definitely not gonna be me. It’s a fight that financially wasn’t worth taking the chance. You know Kid Chocolate is not an easy fight. I’m not an easy fight for Kid as well. The fighters in there puttin’ his health on the line.” To read or listen to our interview with Rosado go here. ( )

This will be Quillin’s second defense of his title. He apparently has heard about Rosado’s confidence/boasting and gave this statement. “If all the talking he’s been doing is good for him, well, that’s fine with me. I don’t come up short. He knows how to lose, I don’t. I know some of the guys I fought aren’t the same. If the punches he’s taken in the past have hurt him, it’ll just make my job easier. I don’t have a problem with him. This fight isn’t personal; it’s business. We’ve both signed a contract to fight. We’ll shake hands before and after our fight, when I walk out of the ring the winner once again.”

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