Tim Bradley Deserves Your Respect!

October 10, 2013



30-0, Timothy Bradley ducks no one, yet like Rodney Dangerfield, he gets no respect. Here is a guy who works really hard at what he does. He eats, sleeps, breaths, and probably even dreams boxing. However, seems to have little fan base or support. Is it so bad that he is a humble fighter and doesn’t act a damn fool outside the ring like, let’s say, Adrien Broner? Trust me, I know boxing is an entertainment business but it shouldn’t mean you have to act like an ass clown or perform crappy rap songs to get the public’s attention! Bradley has gotten off the canvas to beat Kendall Holt and Ruslan Provodnikov. Luis Carlos Abregu, Lamont Peterson and Devon Alexander were all undefeated until they ran into Bradley. Not to mention his fight with Pacquiao.

Every fighter wants a shot at, either, Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather, for a couple of reasons. Getting to fight one of them is like a lottery ticket and is a guaranteed big payday. If you want to prove yourself they are the top of the sport, so getting a win over one would make a huge statement about just how good you are, or so, Tim Bradley thought. Instead, people called him a fraud, berated him and even sent him death threats. Do I think Bradley beat Pacquiao? No, but it was a closely contended fight, so get off Bradley’s case. What is he supposed to do, just give the belt back to Pacquiao? He can’t do that but he did the next best thing, which was to seek a rematch, even though, Pacquiao chose to go another direction. The newly crowned champ shouldn’t have to chase the guy who’s title he just took but that’s what Bradley did. Yet, no one respects him! Shameful!

Back in March, Bradley went to war, in what is so far fight of the year, against the heavy handed Russian, Ruslan Provodnikov. Honestly, Bradley could have simply outboxed Provodnikov and made the fight boring but his lack of fans and respect made him stand toe to toe. After the fight, Bradley had a concussion and his speech was slurred for 2 month. Despite all this, a lot of fans are still against him! Tim Bradley is exactly what boxing needs, a hard working fighter with miles of heart and the fortitude to use it. For the fans that still don’t like Bradley, you might want to give him a chance, because after Saturday you could be stuck with him for awhile. Considering a win of Juan Manuel Marquez will put him atop the pound for pound lists right underneath Floyd Mayweather.

Lucas Biggers


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