Lomanchenko makes it look easy & Monaghan gets a easy fight

October 12, 2013



Vasyl Lomanchenko (pro debut) vs Jose Ramirez (24-2-2)

To say I was impressed with Lomanchenko would be an understatement. When he counter attacks, he does so in combinations, not just single shots. Switching it up well to the body and head, Ramirez went down in the first round. More than anything, what was so impressive was his ring generalship. Lomanchenko moved so well and constantly won the war for foot positioning. In the 4th round Lomanchenko put Ramirez down and out with a wicked left to the bread basket. Ramirez spiraled on the canvas and wouldn’t make it to his feet.

While he isn’t a defensive wizard, Lomanchenko’s defense will more than suffice and get him through much tougher opponents than Ramirez. Top Rank wants to put him in with Guillermo Rigondeaux in about 12-18 months and we are all for it. I know it’s only one professional fight, but it revealed a lot. Believe the hype boxing fans- Lomanchenko is for real!

Johnny Monaghan (18-0) vs Anthony Caputo Smith (14-1)

Not much to say about this fight. While Monaghan looked good and stopped Smith in only 3 rounds, that didn’t say much considering Smith’s beer belly! I look forward to a real test for Monaghan.

Lucas Biggers


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