Orlando Salido Knocks out Orlando Cruz

October 13, 2013



The co-feature bout on the Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas Saturday night, was a featherweight bout with Orlando Salido facing Orlando Cruz. Coming into the fight tonight there was much talk about Cruz’s sexual preference. Cruz opened up last year and openly admitted he was a homosexual man. In addition to that, it also marked another war between Puerto Rico and Mexico. Cruz’s story was well known before this fight but nobody talked about Salido. Salido was coming off a crucial loss at the hands of Mikey Garcia. He looked overwhelmed in that fight and simply could not handle the pressure. Tonight, Salido had just as much to prove.

Prior to this fight, there wasn’t any type of tension between the two. Both seemed to have much respect for each other. As soon as the bell rang both were eager to go at it. In the first round, the two were feeling each other out. From the very beginning of the fight, Cruz showed he had tremendous heart. Salido was the obvious heavier puncher but Cruz took the shots well. Cruz was on his bicycle the entire fight, trying to sneak shots past Salido. It was evident that Salido’s focus was to break down the body, as most of his shots landed there with a select few going south of the Mason-Dixon Line. When Salido turned his attention to the head, he landed with bad intentions. For most of the fight, Salido stalked Cruz down with bad intentions. Until finally in the 7th round, when Salido got Cruz cornered and landed a vicious 1-2 combo to the head. Then followed by an over hand right followed by a devastating uppercut that put Cruz down for the count.

Cruz didn’t lose any respect from this defeat. He knew that he was down in the fight and instead of running from Salido at that moment in the 7th, he decided to take the shots and move forward. Unfortunately for him, those shots landed flush on target. It was only a matter of time for Cruz, as he was getting out worked, especially, to the body. Salido is getting older at 32 and needs to continue to focus if he wants to make his mark in the division. Right now he’s sitting as a champion with a decent win against a brave opponent. With the beating Mikey Garcia gave him in the back of his mind it can only get better for Salido. Cruz will probably end up in a few talk shows after this. The media had a frenzy with his story. Once again, though, Salido proved you can’t count him out as he landed enough to show he’s still capable of winning on the big stage.

Who does the fans want to see Salido fight next? Who is going to play Orlando Cruz in the movie of his biography? Expect the unexpected in the game of the sweet science. As they say in the boxing community, “Boxing is the stage if the unexpected.”


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