Tim Bradley Beautifully Out Boxes Juan Manuel Marquez

October 13, 2013



What anticipation for this fight! I was literally shaking in my seat waiting for it to begin. The first round cooled me off as both guys slowly felt each other out. Early in the fight Bradley landed well to the body while Marquez found a home for his patented uppercut. I know I’m not alone, but I was surprised by how well Bradley evaded and turned with Marquez’s punches. Marquez’s punches definitely seem to have more mustard on them but Bradley out landed him going into the second half of the fight.

Another thing that surprised me was how well Bradley used his jab and how he used in multiple ways- as a range finder to set up hard straight right hands and as an offensive weapon itself by doubling it up. Landing big right hands in the 10th round, both guys had each other hurt and the fans went nuts. Marquez had to seemed frustrated by Bradley’s movement. Every time Marquez would get inside, he would land well but then Bradley would land a shot of his own and get out of range. The final10 seconds of the fight was simply insane! Bradley and Marquez stood toe to toe and Bradley wobbled Marquez as the final bell rang! I personally loved the fight and had it 116-112 in favor of Bradley. Surprisingly, it was a split decision that went to Timothy Bradley. While I expected it to be unanimous at least the right guy won.

As I have said it before, “A good fighter treats his opponent like a booty call. Get in, get off and get out.” That is exactly what Tim Bradley did tonight! A well deserved victory, none the less.

So what’s next for Timothy Bradley? What I would love to see is a fight with the pound for pound king, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Unfortunately, this fight won’t happen because of the usual boxing political garbage that has plagued our boxing era. You know, the whole Cold War thing between Top Rank and Golden Boy, as well as between HBO and Showtime. A Bradley-Mayweather would make for a interesting style match up if it were to happen but since it won’t I will explain the 2 realistic options out there for Bradley. 1) The winner of Rios-Pacquiao, and/or 2) Winner of Alvarado-Provodnikov. Both options present interesting match ups but 2 of those names would be rematches. We will have to wait and see what’s next for Top Rank’s current pound for pound fighter.

Great night of boxing, looking forward to Bradley’s boxing future.

Lucas Biggers


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I am a fan turned writer, who wants to help bring the sport of boxing back to its golden age.

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