Mile High Mike Alvarado looks to take the Air out of Ruslan Provodnikov

October 17, 2013



Mile High Mike Alvarado is on a career high! He avenged the only loss of his career via a Unanimous Decision against Brandon Rios, who had knocked him out in what many thought was the fight of the year in 2012! Ruslan Provdnikov, known as a relentless warrior with a tough demeanor is getting a title shot after his impressive fight against Timothy Bradley. Although he loss, he hurt Bradley several times during the fight and even forced the champ to take a knee in the final round of a 12 round war.

Mike Alvarado 34(23)-1(1) first caught the attention of many when he came back in the final round of a 10 round fight vs Bredis Prescot. He came out with both of his eyes badly swollen, and got the job done, knocking Prescott out with a series of punches and taking the champ off his feet for the first time in his career!

When news of Alvarado vs Brandon “bam bam” Rios first circulated the blog world, I literally got chill bumps! It was known when it was inked, that it would be the fight of the year, and it would not disappoint! The two traded power shots for 7 grueling and brutal rounds before Rios caught Alvarado on the ropes and hit him with several shots in which the ref stepped in and stopped the fight! They would fight the much anticipated rematch just a few months later and Alvarado boxed a brilliant fight in route to a unanimous decision win. He kept Rios off balance with a brilliant jab, constant movement, and devastating power punches, avenging his only loss of his career!

Ruslan Provodnikov 22(15)-2(0) was relatively unknown before his title fight with Timothy Bradley. Bradley was looking for a fight after his win of Manny Pacquiao and Ruslan stepped to the plate! He almost knocked the champ out in 3 different rounds, badly hurting Bradley in the 12th and final round, forcing him to take a knee in a fight many see as fight of the year, and it boosted Provodnikov to the top of many promoters lists, despite him losing the fight. Promoters know what fans like, and Ruslan Provodnikov is going to provide that!

This fight plays out with a few different questions. Can Ruslan go back down to 140 and keep his power? How will Mike handle the Russian’s power? Will Alvarado keep his distance and use the jab that he featured in his second fight with Rios? These are all questions many boxing heads must have, however, If Alverado is on his game, I think he easily out points Provodnikov, and if he does get lured into a brawl, he goes to war and we see another chapter in the legend of the toughest guys in the 140lb division! Either way Mike Alvarado puts on a show in front of his home crowd in Denver Colorado! Mile High Mike will be on top of the 140lb division and waiting for anyone willing to fight!



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