Paul Mendez and Louis Rose battle to a draw, watch out for Manuel Avila

October 29, 2013



Johnathan Chicas (10-1) vs Joaquin Chavez (6-10-2)

Right away Chicas showed his was the dominate fighter in the ring with great head movement and combination punching. The prospect has a good straight but his hooks are wide and loose. He also had a tendency to reach in and get himself off balance but the kid has a very entertaining style and a relentless work rate. Chavez couldn’t keep Chicas off of him and fought 90% of the time backing up. It was evident that Chicas was the more tired of the 2 towards the end of the final round but he was well ahead on the scorecards. Chicas won a unanimous decision victory.

Paul Mendez (14-2-1) vs Louis Rose (8-1)
This had to be a tough fight for the judges to score. It looked as if a man was fighting a exact clone himself. Each time one would land something meaningful the other would fire off something that looked identical. Both guys work rates were incredible, both were committed to the body and both lacked defense. Rose particularly dropped his hands every time he threw a punch, which left him open for returning fire. A cut was opened above the left eye of Mendez which I believe was from a headbutt but was never announced. Round 8 was amazing, Rose came out and just unloaded on Mendez but Rose punched himself out and then it was Mendez who was unloading on Rose. It was great back and forth action all fight rock em sock em robots style. It was a hard fight to score and ended in a split draw which I’m sure left a bad taste in both fighters mouths.

Jose Angel Cota (15-9-1) vs Manuel Avila (12-0)
Right away Avila went to work chipping away at Cota with a strong crisp jab. Avila’s punches were all accurate and sharp, so sharp he cut Cota and stopped him in just the second round. After the stoppage Avila didn’t even celebrate, he simply just walked away. Very low key guy, he’s patient and I can’t wait to see more of him.

As always thanks for reading and being a fan of the sweet science.

Lucas Biggers


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