Golovkins breaks down the formidable Stevens

November 4, 2013



One quote from Gennady Golovkin’s post fight interview best describes the position Golovkin finds himself in. “People know who’s who.” Even though his English is a bit broken, it is clear what he was trying to say. Finally all of the questions have been answered. After taking on the most dangerous opponent in the Middleweight division, Curtis Stevens, people know who and how great GGG really is.

Going into this fight, it was clear that “GGG” had extraordinary power, maybe the best jab in boxing, and threw a deadly left hook to the body. All of which were important and key in his victory against Stevens. However, there were still questions surrounding the same subject needed to be answered, “How good of a chin did GGG have?” Many boxing experts believed that GGG had a solid chin, but had he really been tested by a puncher? Could he handle getting tagged by the biggest puncher in the division? Judging by the outcome, the answer,of course, was yes. He proved to anyone and everyone who doubted him that he does have a titanium-like chin. Throughout the fight, Stevens managed to land some pretty clean one-two combinations, a few solid uppercuts, and even managed to land his famous left hook in the seventh round that shook Golovkin’s legs for a split second, but really seemed unaffected throughout the fight. Watching GGG take Stevens best shots was impressive.

Another skill that was mentioned earlier, which Golovkin used to perfection every round in the fight, was his jab. Starting from the first bell, he was able to keep Curtis at the perfect distance, discouraging Stevens’ attack throughout the entire fight. He also used to it to set up his looping right hands that proved to be very effective in the sixth round when he hurt Stevens at the end of the round.

Golovkin was even able to show off his left hook upstairs, which was supposed to be Stevens’ weapon of choice. Displaying that he had more power, flooring Stevens in the second round with two left hooks to the head. Stevens showed amazing heart by making it out of the round, and even managed to somehow land a counter left at the end of the 2nd round.

Stevens managed to come back and even have his strongest round in the fourth, but one punch managed to completely change the story of the fight. The one punch that made Julio Cesar Chavez and Mickey Ward their living, the destructive left hook to the liver. Even though Golovkin was always cautious of Stevens power, he always found a way to set up the hook to the body. In the fourth round, when Stevens was beginning to gain a little confidence, Golovkin landed two left bombs to the body that sent Stevens retreating in a defensive shell to the ropes. It was the same in the sixth, when Stevens through a big uppercut, which was one of his best punches in the fight. Golovkin answered with another left hook to the liver, which subconsciously dropped Stevens hands leaving him open for two right hands that hurt him badly again. The eighth and final round was no different. It was a competitive round until the clock showed 1:45 remaining in the round. Golovkin landed three consecutive, you guessed it, left hooks to the body that sent Stevens in that same retreating shell position to the ropes. Soon after he hit Stevens with the biggest left body shot of the night as Stevens attempted to counter with a left hook of his own, lifting Stevens off the ground for a split second, leaving him helpless and with the body language that he was done. After the round Steven’s corner and the referee agreed they had seen enough.

This takes nothing away from Curtis Stevens who fought valiantly throughout, perhaps giving Golovkin his biggest challenge since coming to the states. He proved that he will be a threat to anyone in the Middleweight division, and hopefully he will get some big shots in the near future. After his last performance, Golovkin is real. He is the next best thing from 154lbs to 168lbs, his only real threat being Andre Ward. He never disappoints with half way performances, he always looks superior to his opponents, and he never ducks anyone. He is a true Champion, not a manufactured one like we have become accustomed to seeing as of late. So what’s next for “GGG”? He claims to be ready for anyone, but better yet, is anyone ready for him?

Hector Gomez

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