Peter Quillin, the Cold War is keeping “The Animal” caged.

November 6, 2013



Peter Quillin always considers himself an “Animal,” and there’s no denying it in the ring but has he been caged due to boxing’s “Cold War?” “It’s not up to me who I fight,” Quillin said. “If the money is right, I’m up for fighting any of the top names, especially Martinez and Golovkin, but everybody’s aware of what’s going on behind the scenes (Showtime vs. HBO). My job is to work hard and be ready. I have the most powerful team in boxing (Golden Boy Promotions, adviser Al Haymon, co-managers John Seip and Jim McDevitt) and they get me the best available deals. I’m not worried about who I’m fighting. They come to me with my fights.” Quillin has echoed similar statements to us on our radio show, Tough Talk Tuesday. It’s clear he is confident in his team and why shouldn’t he be?

He is currently one of the top middleweights in boxing but how does Quillin see the top middleweights in the world? Here is what he had to say about Sergio Martinez. “He is the one everybody has as No. 1 in the middleweight division. Martinez has fought some very exciting fights. He’s a showman in the ring.” In regards to Gennady Golovkin, aka GGG, “A power puncher. Golovkin brings power into the ring and gets a lot of knockouts.” What abou the current IBF champ,Darren Barker, “He always puts his best foot forward and always tries as hard as possible. Barker and I would bring a lot of fireworks into the ring.”Daniel Geale, well quillin stated, “Another exciting fighter who bangs with the best. It worked for a while against Barker.” Felix Sturm is another interesting player in the middleweight division, and according to Quillin, “I haven’t seen too much of him. I hope Sturm pursues more fights to make the middleweight division even tougher than it is right now.” In regards to the very game, Martin Murray, “He is determined and exciting. I can’t take anything away from Murray.” Last but not least, himself Peter Quillin, “A very exciting guy always looking for new ways to win. He has power, showmanship and a lot of smarts in the ring.”

Incase you don’t know, almost all of those names fight on the HBO side of the Cold War and that leaves Quillin alone on the Showtime side. That means no huge fights can be set up currently for the undefeated champ. This Cold War has gone on long enough, and it’s time for the fans to take a stand. We all know and understand that boxing is big business, but we, as fans, are the ones who pay our hard earn money to watch boxing. We can not allow greed, pride, and straight out “diva drama” rob our generation out of epic fights! Something has to be done, NOW!

Lucas Biggers

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